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Drug Detox Shampoo

Pass A Hair Drug Test

Our detox shampoo brands, Toxin Wash & Precision Cleanse, drastically reduce the concentration of toxins in the hair strand. Incredible drug test success rates...

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Permanent & Same Day Detox

Pass A Urine Drug Test

We offer both short-term for those who need to get clean fast & permanent detox systems for those who have time to do a full body cleanse...

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4, 7, & 11 Day Detox Kits

Pass Saliva & Blood Drug Screens

Full body kits that will detox you for both saliva & blood drug testing. Your choice of 4 different kits based on your usage level & body weight...

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Not Sure Which Test?

Total Body Detox Kits

If you're not sure which drug test you'll be taking, our total body kits will detox you for hair, urine, blood, and saliva drug screens. You're covered in any situation....

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Control Sample Kits

Dehydrated Human Urine Kits

Real dehydrated human urine to be used for control samples. Our advanced lyophilization process ensures purity and reliability in each sample....

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Test Yourself!

Large Selection Of Home Testing Kits

Large selection of medical grade immunoassay home urine test kits. Easy to use and reliable, available for six different substances ...

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Drug Test Detox

Proven detox solutions for any test.Regardless of the type of drug screen you will be taking, our proven formulations will get you clean for any test in just about any time frame.


Same Day Shipping

Get your product fast when you need it.We offer overnight and 2nd day air shipping as well as free ground shipping.


Guaranteed Results

Money back guarantee if you don't pass your drug test.Get the results you desire or we will refund you 100% of the product price.

Learn About Drug Testing

Drug tests come in a variety of different shapes and forms. Some are more commonly used than others due to the ease of administering or how the presence of drugs manifests itself in a particular bodily function. Different drugs have varying detection times after they are injested into the body, and certain drug tests can not detect use of a drug after a certain period of time... Read More