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Pass A Drug Test With Synergy Detox

Do you need help passing a drug test? Synergy Detox can help. Our Full Body Detoxification Programs will get you on the right track so you can pass a drug test and get clean permanently. With the best in Hair & Body Detox Programs, Synergy Detox can help you during this stressful time.

Passing a drug test is critical for most people, and we have solutions for almost any situation. Our array of products were created scientifically to guarantee you see the results you need. Synergy Detox was created by Herbalized Solutions, LLC more than 15 years ago and we have been the leaders in body detoxification ever since.

Our Products & Services Include:

  • Detox Systems — For the Hair, Body, Saliva, Blood, & Urine; as well as Permanent or Temporary Systems.
  • Home Test Systems — Home Drug Test Kits and Urine Control Kits.
  • Body Detox Experts — On staff so you can learn how to pass a hair drug test or other drug test effectively.
  • Customer Support — So you have the answers you need every step of the way.

Support When You Need it Most

From live chat to telephone support, our team of experts is always standing by to help. Whether you're unsure of which detox option will be best for you or you have questions about the safest way to pass a drug test—we can help.

Whether you need to know how to pass a hair drug test or you’re in search of the right detox product to yield permanent results, we’re here to make it easy.

We understand you may need help passing a drug test. Ironically, we actually do believe that drug testing is important. It helps those with substance abuse problems to get help, and it keeps drug addicts from putting others in danger.

On the other hand, drug testing can have severe and unwarranted repercussions for average people. Drug testing technology is an all-or-nothing proposition. Either you test positive or you don't. The cut-off levels for testing positive are low, so someone who ingests an illegal substance even once may be inaccurately identified as a drug abuser based solely on the results of a single random test.

Our goal at Synergy Detox is to provide you with accurate, extensive and helpful information about passing drug tests. We offer premium body and hair detoxification products, straightforward advice about how to pass a drug test and outstanding customer service.

The Synergy Difference - Highly Effective Products, Fantastic Support