Synergy Detox 11 Day Total PDS Body & Hair Detoxification System
Synergy Detox 11 Day Total PDS Body & Hair Detoxification System

Synergy Detox 11 Day Total PDS Body & Hair Detoxification System

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The Synergy Detox 11 Day Total PDS (Permanent Detoxification System) Body & Hair is designed to permanently reduce toxin levels in your body & hair so they fall below detectable levels in a laboratory test.

  • Designed for the heavy user (5+ times time per week) or moderate user (2-4 times per week) with body weight over 195 lbs.
  • Designed to permanently reduce toxins to pass a hair, urine, blood or saliva drug test.

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Synergy Detox’s 11 day Total Detoxification System is a combination of the Permanent Detoxification System (PDS) and the Precision Cleanse hair detoxification system.

This combination makes the Total PDS the complete detoxification solution. You'll first use the PDS to cleanse your body internally so that your newly formed hair growth hair will no longer become toxified.

Included are four home urine test kits of your choice to test yourself after completing the body detoxification.

This ensures your body is clean before beginning the next hair detox step.

You'll then use the Precision Cleanse Hair Detox Concentrate to expel any toxins that are left in your existing hair.

This creates a situation where your body and hair are permanently clean, and most importantly, new hair or future growth will also be clean.

The 11 day Total PDS is a four-part permanent body detoxification system.

All four parts work together to provide a synergistic cleansing effect that permanently reduces toxin levels in your body.

After completion of the program, you will be able to pass a drug test for hair, urine, blood, or saliva.

The PDS and Precision Cleanse are sold separately, but we've combined both products into the Total PDS Detox System and reduced the price as compared to purchasing them separately.

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Here's How It Works To Help You Pass A Drug Test:

Part one of the system is a mandatory diet that ramps up your metabolism and helps to burn fat. The mandatory diet is comprised of chicken (shrimp or turkey is also an option), green vegetables, and other healthy foods.

There is no portion control, you can eat as much of the foods on the mandatory diet menu as you want. The diet is based on accepted facts of nutrition science.

You'll experience a few pounds of healthy fat loss on the program, and this is a sign that the detoxification process is working.

As your fat cells shrink, the toxins are pushed out back into your bloodstream, where your liver will break down the toxins. A regimen of fluids helps expel the toxins.

There are two vitamin and herbal supplements that you'll take as your going through the program.

The first supplement, Adipose Factor, is a vitamin supplement that helps increase the flow of blood to your fat cells. With this increased blood flow, more oxygen is present as well, helping to increase fat metabolism.

The second supplement, Conversion Factor, contains a special blend of safe herbs that are known to help boost your liver's toxin processing ability. As the toxins leave your fat cells, they're brought to your liver for breakdown. Conversion factor helps to assist your liver in breaking down these toxins.

Both Conversion Factor and Adipose Factor contain no caffeine or stimulants.

Synergy PDS systems will work for any toxins, but are constructed to help detox the more difficult fat soluble toxins like THC.

The New Tastier Mandatory Diet: Customers who were on the old mandatory diet had complained that it was too difficult to follow. So we worked on it by adding certain seasonings to make the diet more palatable and much easier to stick to.

Make no mistake, the new diet is as effective as the old one in helping you lose weight and in detoxifying your system.

Bonus - Fitness & Sauna Detox: We include with the program an optional fitness & sauna detox. This is NOT mandatory, but really helps boost the detoxification process. It includes an easy-to-do exercise routine.

This detox will really help you burn fat and make your body excrete the toxins more effectively. Again, the Fitness And Sauna Detox is not mandatory, and you should you only use it if you're in good health, but it will certainly help you achieve faster and more effective results.


Test Yourself First: Before your actual drug test, you can test yourself with FDA-approved home urine test kits we provide at the comfort of your own home. This will help you make sure that you know you're clean before you take the actual test.

Health Benefits: The PDS detoxifies your body, lowers your cholesterol levels and rejuvenates your system.

Drug Test Sooner Than Thought? We were told by some of our customers that sometimes their actual drug tests get re-scheduled, forcing them to take the test sooner than they thought, sometimes before they finished the program.

In order to help you in such situations, we formulated the Conversion Factor supplement that comes with the PDS.

Conversion Factor, taken an hour before the test, helps ensure a fast flush detoxification. This can come in handy when you're required to take the test before you get to complete the PDS kit.

Conversion Factor will help you stay clean for as long as 5 hours so you can take your test in confidence. It may not be necessary, but just in case, you know it's there in case your test comes sooner than you thought.

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