THC Cleanse

Need to flush any signs of marijuana use from your system, but not sure what kind of test they’ll give you? Whether it’s a test for work or for legal reasons, knowing that you have a date looming can create a particular type of stress. And the repercussions for failing a drug test can be significant, depending on your situation.

Most people realize that they do have a drug test coming up, and might even know the exact date, but for whatever reason, they fail to stop using marijuana early enough to feel as confident as they’d like to as this date approaches.

This is where you’ve got to think scientifically and use the options available to you to get ready for this important event. People have been working for years on ways to rapidly lower the levels of THC in peoples’ systems, refining various approaches until they come up with the most effective combinations of mineral and herbal compounds.

For many marijuana users, whether frequent or casual, the thought of anything but a simple urine test leaves them feeling nervous. A blood test? How are you supposed to get around this—surely there’s no messing with the THC once it’s in your blood? What about a hair follicle test, which measures THC remainders that occur in the follicle weeks after using? Do you need to do a quick buzz cut to avoid failing? These are a few of the questions in peoples’ minds.

Whether you’re using the test as a way to take a small break from marijuana use and to experience how it feels to remove the THC from your system, or you’re planning on starting up again as soon as you pass, a THC cleanse can be a great opportunity to clear your body of toxins and start from a clean slate.

And with the right information, you shouldn’t have to worry about failing your test. A simple THC cleanse is a game changer when it comes to gaining confidence before an important drug test. For those looking for a more comprehensive solution than a simple detox drink, the total body detox system THC cleanse can be a great option. It’s hard to understate the confidence such a thorough cleanse can give you.

A THC cleanse will prepare you to face all different types of lab tests, as long as you don’t use marijuana again before the test. You’ll be able to pass hair tests, saliva tests, urine tests, and even blood tests. So, if you know that you’ll be subject to various types of testing, or if you even suspect that you might have a saliva or hair test in addition to the more typical urine test, a THC cleanse could be a good bet for you.

Many THC cleanse kits include something to release the toxins from your body, so that any future hair growth, for instance, will not contain a detectable level of THC. After, you’ll often use some form of shampoo to remove THC from your hair.

How do cleanses like this actually work? It’s normal to be skeptical of such products and to wonder how something made in a lab could effectively reduce the THC throughout your whole body. We all know that THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive component functioning in marijuana, one of many cannabinoids in cannabis.

THC is kept in your body’s fat cells, and this means that it can be very tough to remove in a timely manner. Products like Synergy PDS, made by Synergy Detox, operate by first decreasing the size of the fat cells, which causes the THC and other toxins to leave the cells. In the next step, the THC and other toxins are then taken apart and pushed out of your body.

Synergy Detox utilizes a time-honed formula of minerals and herbal remedies. But these alone won’t do much; you’ll also have to focus on hydrating properly as well as eating healthy foods that promote fat loss and hydration.

These THC detoxes come in various packages that produce varying results. Many of the cleanses are classified by the amount of time it will take to complete the detox. Synergy Total, for instance, comes in a four, a seven, and an eleven-day cleanse. This product also includes a convenient home urine drug test so that you can test yourself prior to taking the regulated drug test, which will hopefully show you the results you need. We always recommend doing a trial run before your drug test, so that you know how long you’ll need to remove the THC from your system. THC remains in different peoples’ bodies for different amounts of time, depending on your metabolism and body fat percentage, your age and activity levels, your gender, and your overall health.

So, how do you begin preparing for a cleanse? First, when you find out about an upcoming drug test, even if it’s six months down the line, mark down the date on a calendar. Make educated guesses on when you’ll need to stop smoking marijuana—or even downgrading to a less potent strain—based on online research, your body weight, and your activity and fat levels. Mark down when you might begin your cleanse, and when you’ll do your practice urinalysis that comes with the kit.

There are other tips and tricks out there that can help you the day of the exam, such as drinking a lot of water and taking Vitamin B to dye your urine yellow again, so that those running the exam won’t think you’re trying to dilute your urine. You can also take a large amount of creatine before your exam to make it look as though you aren’t trying to dilute your urine, though you’ll want to do some more research before giving this a try.

Before you use any THC cleanse product, we always recommend you check in with your doctor to make sure nothing in the cleanse will affect you poorly. Please read any labels carefully, and make sure to heed any warnings on the packaging, particularly if you’re pregnant or nursing. Head on over to our homepage if you would like more information on our products.

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