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Conversion Factor Temporary Detoxification System

Synergy Detox Conversion Factor


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The Synergy Detox Conversion Factor detoxification system is designed to temporarily reduce toxin levels in your urine so they fall below detectable levels in a laboratory urine drug test. .

Designed for the light user (1 time per week or less) with body any body weight.

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pass a urine drug testThe Conversion Factor temporary detoxification system gives you up to a 5 hour window to pass a urine drug test.


Temporary detoxification with Conversion Factor is achieved by consuming 8 capsules over a period on one hour. After this 1 hour consumption period, you'll have up to five hours to take a urine drug test and expect clean results.


Conversion Factor is a potent but safe blend of herbal diuretics and essential nutrients that effectively detoxify your urine on a temporary basis.


Conversion Factor is ideal for people who are light users (1 time per week or less) with any body weight.


Synergy Detox Systems use cleansing formulas, and not masking formulas. You pass the urine test because our system clears your urinary tract of toxins, not because the toxins are masked or the test results altered with the help of foreign additives. Synergy Detox cleansing is done using natural herbs and vitamins.


The Conversion Factor temporary formula has been tested thousands of times with passing results. It's undoubtedly the healthiest and most powerful way to temporarily flush out toxins from your urine in order to pass a urine drug test.

Designed for the light user (1 time per week or less) with any body weight.

Designed to temporarily reduce toxins to pass a urine drug test. Each Synergy Detox Conversion Factor Temporary system contains the following:

  1. 1 bottle of Conversion Factor 
  2. Three home urine drug test kits of your choice to test your urine so you know your clean after taking the product
  3. Detailed program directions & customer service help if needed via email, phone, or online chat 

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