Disposable Face Mask - 3 layer
Disposable Face Mask - 3 layer Disposable Face Mask - 3 layer - Features Disposable Face Mask - Three Layer - 20 Count Disposable Face Mask - Three Layer - 20 Count

Disposable Face Mask - Three Layer - 20 Count

One package of disposable face masks (three-layer). There are 20 sterilized masks in one heat-sealed protective package.

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These Disposable Face Masks feature a three-layer pleated design and have a 98% Bacteria and particle filtration efficiency rating. The 3-ply earloop disposable mask offers a pliable hidden nosepiece for individual fit and comfort and is easily secured with elastic earloops. The edges of the mask are held together via ultrasonic welding.

There are 20 masks in one package.

The fluid-resistant mask is soft with no uncomfortable pressure points, making it ideal for extended wear.

Suitable for blocking particles such as droplets, pollen, and bacteria in a daily environment.

These masks are made in an FDA registered production facility in China (like 98% of the disposable medical masks available in the US).

These are not classified as medical grade and should not be used by health care professionals in medical environments. They are more than sufficient though to be used when outside your home (airports, bus terminals, streets, markets, etc.) for protection against directly inhaling airborne respiratory droplets emitted from humans.

They should be disposed of properly after one-time use and should not be taken off and reused a 2nd time.  



Layer 1 - Spud-bond non-woven fabric polypropylene

Layer 2 (Filter) - Melt blown non-woven fabric polypropylene

Layer 3 - Spud-bond non-woven fabric polypropylene








Meets FDA and CE Standards



  1. When wearing any face mask, it's important to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds prior to putting on the face mask. An alcohol-based sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol can also be used if soap and water are unavailable.
  2. After cleaning your hands, place the face mask over your nose and mouth. Make sure there are no gaps between the face mask and your face and ensure a tight seal.
  3. Try to avoid touching the face mask when wearing it. If you do touch the face mask, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer again. 
  4. When you are done using the face mask, remove it without touching the front of the face mask, and discard it into a closed bin. Wash your hands again after discarding the face mask.



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