Below is an index of articles written by our staff and outside experts on drug testing. We are constantly adding to this index and hope you find what we have written helpful. If you have any suggestions for future articles or see some inaccuracies please contact us.

General Drug Testing Articles

Articles By Drug Type


  • How long does weed stay in your system? - One of the most common questions we get is for marijuana retention in the body, and this article discusses that and the length of time it can be detected for drug tests.
  • Marijuana Detox - This article focuses on marijuana detox. Explains how it works and what kind of results that you can expect.
  • How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed - Talks briefly about the history of marijuana drug testing and more in-depth about ways to pass a drug screen.

Articles By Drug Test Type

Hair Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Saliva Drug Testing

  • Mouth Swab Drug Test - What You Need to Know - Read this article an understand what a saliva/mouth swab drug test is and how to detox for passing this test.