How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

A urine drug test is a common procedure performed nowadays for employees, athletes, and even students. It's a quick and painless method of checking the presence of illegal drugs or prescription medications in a person's urine. As we all know, marijuana can stay for about 30 days or more in the human system. On the other hand, methamphetamine only shows up in a urinalysis within 3 days.

For those who can't stop using marijuana due to medical reasons, this doesn't mean you're doomed.

Here’s how to pass a urine drug test:

Note: We're neither recommending drug use nor are we advocating dishonesty with your employers.

Substituting urine

So far, substituting a urine sample is the best method you can try first due to its high and consistent success rate. As the term suggests, you use someone else's urine sample and give it to the examiner as if it originated from your body. As easy as it sounds, this needs to be performed wisely. What could be the biggest challenge is maintaining the right temperature of the urine. Normally, the urine is warm. It’s neither hot nor cold. Therefore, a trained examiner can easily flag you if you submit a cold or hot urine sample. One method of keeping the temperature of substitute urine is the use of chemical pocket warmers.

Another popular way of substituting urine is by using urine from a concentrate. Nowadays, powdered or lyophilized freeze-dried urine is very popular as you can purchase it online in packets. All you have to do is mix it with water to form urine.

Adulterating a urine sample

This again is self-explanatory. An adulterated specimen refers to a urine sample that has been modified or tampered with using certain chemicals. These substances can be used to interfere with the laboratory equipment used by examiners or to mask the presence of drugs in the urine. Unfortunately, the chance of getting caught is a lot higher here. This is because the chemicals used such as soap, salt, and eye drops can be detected easily by the laboratory. Once found, your specimen will be labeled as adulterated and you'll ultimately fail the urine drug screening.

Some of the most popular commercial screens that can be used to adulterate urine samples are Mary Jane Super Clean 13, QuickKlean, and Goldenseal. In fact, they are sold almost everywhere. Again adulterating urine samples are high-risk methods and illegal in many states, and should be avoided if possible.

Diluting the urine

Another way of possibly beating a urine drug test is by diluting your urine sample. The idea here is to minimize the level of drugs that may be found in the urine. This is because drug laboratories have a certain cut-off level for drugs. Even if there's drug detected in the urine, it will not be marked as positive if it's only very little in the urine sample.

This can be accomplished by drinking excessive amounts of water or any other types of liquid before the drug test. Doing such excessively may decrease drug ratios in the urine. Another way of diluting a urine sample is by adding water directly to the sample. The bad news is it can be easily detected in the laboratory. This is just another form of adulteration and is high risk and should be avoided.

Drinking vinegar

Vinegar can significantly lower down the pH of urine. However, this can be easily flagged of tampering in the laboratory. Also, drinking too much vinegar may cause stomach issues such as diarrhea.

Here are some other myths revolving urine drug screening:

Dog urine may be used as a substitute to passing a urine drug test

This is a big NO. Drug laboratories can easily detect this, thus keep your pet out.

Consuming creatine can increase creatinine levels

When identifying diluted urine, creatinine is one of the parameters being tested. There's a wrong assumption that says eating red meat or taking creatine will boost creatinine levels in the urine. While it may sound sensible, it actually has no effect.

**However if you do take a creatine supplement that's mixed with a good flushing formula, this is a good method of temporary detoxification for passing a urine drug test if you are in a pinch.

Increasing metabolism

There are talks about how metabolism can reduce the amount of time that drug may be detected in the body. Some even consider starting a rigorous exercise program while some think about taking a high-calorie diet. Again, both are not helpful in beating a drug test in the short term. However if started a week or more before the test, it can work well as a permanent detoxification system for passing a urine drug test.

Stealing specimen from the laboratory

Some say that laboratories would never admit losing a specimen even if they did. They believe that laboratories may just label your drug report as negative by default. That's why some daring drug test applicants consider stealing their sample from laboratories. This is a big joke, we’ve read about it, but hardly believe many even try this, it's probably an easy way to get arrested without even failing the drug test.


Drug examiners, nowadays, have improved their specimen collection procedures and laboratory analysis technology. This means it's a lot harder now to beat urine drug tests by tampering or substituting samples. Soaps and other possible adulterants are removed from bathrooms, water in the toilet is tinted blue and much more. This list can actually increase as the need arises, so it’s better if you do things the right way.

It's, therefore, necessary to also remain clean at all times, especially if you already have a job and will be subject to random drug testing. After all, it's not just your job that will be secure. In the long run, you'll get to live a normal life that's not dependent on any kind of substance. But with marijuana legalization laws changing at a brisk pace in the US, you made need to clean up before a test. So please refer to the best methods in the links above for passing a urine drug test.

If you're dependent on highly addictive drugs (meth, opiates, cocaine) right now, it's never too late to get help. You can consult medical experts for the best available interventions available or reach out to organizations if you're comfortable talking to people who had the same issue you have before. You can read more extensively about an overview of passing a drug test on our home page