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 Is Precision Cleanse & Toxin Wash shampoo a permanent cleanse?

The answer is yes and no, depending on your situation.

When it would be permanent:

Once a particular drug is out of your body, or reduced to negligible levels, your future hair growth will be clean. Once your hair is growing clean, use of our hair detox product will permanently reduce the levels of toxins in your existing hair. That means current hair is clean and future growth is clean.

When it would NOT be permanent:

Some fat soluble drugs, particularly THC, store in the fat and can stay in your body anywhere from 2 weeks to 60 days depending on your usage level, potency of what was used, and body fat percentage.

So if you're taking a hair test that looks back 90 days, and you quit smoking 90 days ago, this means that your hair started growing clean probably 30 or maybe 60 days ago (depending on factors mentioned above).

One of the major mistakes people make is that they assume their hair started growing clean the day they stopped using fat soluble drugs (THC and opiates are fat soluble, cocaine and methamphetamine are water soluble and leave the body within days of last use).

So if the drug is still in your body, and you use our hair detox product, your existing hair will be clean, but future growth will not. In this case, you want to use the shampoo right before the test. This allows for minimum growth to have taken place from the time you used the shampoo to the time you submit a hair sample for testing.

One way to tell if the drug is still in your body if you're unsure is to give yourself a home urine drug test. Just don’t drink a lot of water in the hours before the urine test; doing so can give a false negative reading.

One solution for permanent detox of the hair is using one of the Synergy Detox Total PDS Systems. This includes the first stage of body detox, removing the drug from your body, so your future hair growth is clean. The final stage is the hair detox shampoo, permanently reducing the levels of toxins in your existing hair.