Marijuana Detox - What You Need to Know

This article will explain why you might need a marijuana detox, how you can easily do one, and why it's the best way to cleanse your body of cannabis.

Everything you need to know about a marijuana detox

Many people that consume marijuana do not know how long trace amounts of it can be left in the body. In fact, marijuana can stay in your body, usually your hair, for a very long time if the proper precautions are not taken.

This is where the detox comes into the picture. Marijuana detox is the cleansing of your body from any of those trace amounts of marijuana that can be detected by a drug test. You might think of a detox as a sweaty experience in a sauna and eating nuts, but this is much more comfortable that.

Why Do You Need a THC Detox?

The most common reason for pot detox is for a job interview that involves a drug test. However, other reasons for a detox do exist.

  • School admissions
  • Parental drug testing
  • Commercial driver’s license testing
  • Law enforcement ordered drug tested

Some of these scenarios do not give you much time to prepare for a full detox. However, plans are available that work in a relatively short amount of time.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Human Body?

Knowing how long marijuana stays in the human body is an important thing to know before taking a drug test. The answer, of course, depends on a few different factors. Mainly, the amount you smoked, how frequently you used it, and the length of time that you have been a marijuana smoker.

Generally, you can expect the drug to stay in the human body for about a month after the last consumption. However, a hair test will detect any amount consumed within the past three months if you have not done a marijuana detox. This makes it especially important to make sure that your cleansing process will remove trace amounts of THC from your hair.

Why Does Marijuana Stay in My Body?

After you consume marijuana and many other drugs, your body undergoes quite a unique response to them. In the case of weed, it almost immediately enters your bloodstream after smoking it. If you eat it, then it will enter your bloodstream after approximately one hour. It only remains in your bloodstream for about 6 hours. This is because your body constantly breaks down the marijuana compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), into smaller metabolites.

These metabolites are then stored in body fat. Your body then expels these metabolites from body fat over the next month. This makes them easily detectable in urine. In the case of hair, the THC metabolites are actually stored in your hair follicles and then will appear in your actual hair for the next three months.

How Can You Perform a THC Flush?

Performing a detox is actually an extremely simple process, but it takes some work and commitment. You can do one of these on your own, but if you want some assistance, check out our full body marijuana detox kits.