Pass A Urine Drug Test

If you've used a substance in the last month that you don’t want to test positive for, you have only two options to pass a urine drug test.

One is to obtain clean, drug-free urine. Using another person’s clean urine is risky, and as mentioned before, considered a criminal act in many states.

The other option is body detoxification. Clearly, this method is the best way to pass urine drug tests. The two methods to choose from below are permanent and temporary detox drinks for drug tests, and the one you choose is based on how much time you have before the test.

The most common type of drug test you would be asked to take is the urine drug test (although hair testing is quickly becoming just as popular). The testing costs are low for urine drug tests and the results can be obtained quickly.

The safest way of passing a urine drug test is DETOXIFICATION.
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In the past, methods such as masking, tampering with the urine sample, or providing another person’s clean urine have all been used to try and pass this type of drug test. These methods, however, are risky and have the following disadvantages:

  • Most labs can detect the presence of urine additives
  • Tampering with the urine sample is considered a crime in many states
  • Observed testing situations make it difficult to replace your urine with someone else's.

Drug tests are becoming more and more common as a part of the interview process for a new job. Additionally, many people may be subjected to a drug test as the result of court-appointed probation, in the course of their career as an athlete, or to qualify for new job tasks involving the operation of heavy machinery. With the advent of at-home testing kits, there may also be other occasions for which you may be asked to commit to a drug test as well.

Whatever the reason for the test, a drug test is something that nobody wants to end up with positive results. While there are many different testing methods—including hair and saliva drug testing—urine testing remains one of the most commonly used drug detectors.

The best way to pass is, of course, to not use drugs at all. Second to this, you might at least abstain for a certain time period prior to the test. However, not everyone has advanced notice of a drug test and some individuals may be worried about getting a false positive through incidental contact with a drug, for instance, via exposure to smoke.

How does urine testing work?

You may be tested on-site by your potential employer or sent to an external lab. In either case, a lab technician will use the sample to test for metabolites—or the broken down compounds—of drugs. Most urine tests search for these main types of drugs: Alcohol, opioids, PCP, marijuana (THC), cocaine, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines.

Tests administered in an athletic context will also test for performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids. This list is constantly evolving as new drugs hit the market.

The lab technician will have results almost immediately if they test the urine on the spot. However, they may store the sample for later testing.

How long does it take for different drugs to leave your system?>

Luckily, compared to hair drug testing, urine testing cannot detect most drugs after a one to two-day period. The major exception to this time period is marijuana. It takes about 30 days for THC to leave the system entirely and regular users who consume large amounts may still have THC detected in their urine within a 3-month period.

Cocaine takes up to 72 hours to leave the system and its metabolite benzoylecgonine, which is tested for by the drug test, takes up to five days to clear.

Most opioids take about four days to leave the system completely as well.

Unfortunately for the performance-enhancing drug users, anabolic steroids can be detected for up to a year in some cases.

How to stack the odds in your favor for a clean test:

Trying to pass a clean urine sample off as your own is pretty risky as too is using synthetic urine and not recommended. Luckily, there are other tools you can use to pass your test with flying colors.

Drink a lot of fluids.

Since the test does not detect the drug itself, but its metabolites, it’s best if you can provide a sample with as few metabolites as possible. The easiest way to do that? Flood your system with water. If you up your water intake from the moment you find out about the test, even better. This will provide your system with extra means to flush out the remnants of the drug. However, drinking too many fluids can dilute the creatinine levels in your urine and you can be flagged for an adulterated sample.

Detox drinks like dandelion root tea or supplement with other liver-boosting herbs.

There are plenty of health supplement products and detox drinks for a drug test like cranberry juice on the market that helps to boost detoxification and liver function. Additionally, many herbals, including dandelion root that can be ingested in tea form, are natural diuretics. Taking a diuretic in combination with drinking a lot of water will double down on the flushing out of your system. Milk thistle supplements and water with fresh lemon can also be useful for liver cleansing. Again as mentioned above, drinking too many fluids 

Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

While alcohol and caffeine may not be compounds that would get red-flagged on your drug test, they make it harder for your liver to process and get rid of the metabolites that will cause you to fail. They also contribute to dehydration, which is the opposite of what you want when it comes to flushing the drugs from your system. Try to avoid these two until after your test.

Sweat it out.

Turbo charge the flushing out of drug metabolites by breaking a sweat. Get to the gym and exercise, hard. Even better, spend some quality time in the sauna. Just be advised not to do exercise the day of or the day before a test, as this will kick out too many drug metabolites into your urine.

Pee several times before the drug test.

Drink enough liquid to pee several times before your drug test. Concentrations of the drug metabolites will diminish in each urine sample. To avoid suspicion about your sample being diluted, supplement with creatine and B vitamins before the test. This will help boost the color of the urine and creatine is often tested in the lab to determine the quality of the sample. These correct amount of all Creatine and Vitamin B are included in all Synergy Detox urine test products on this page.

Purchase a drug test detox system.

Instead of pursuing an ad hoc regimen of liquids, supplements, and exercise you might consider purchasing a kit that is specifically formulated to break down and eliminate drug compounds, such as the line of Synergy Detox supplements on this page.

Synergy Detox offers two systems. The first can only be used if you have a full week to detox and removes drug remnants from your system permanently. The second is a quick fix that can be taken on short notice to provide a specific window of drug-free urine. 

SynergyDetox 7-Day Detoxification System is a premium drug test detox formula designed to flush toxins from fat cells so that they can be metabolized and flushed out of the body faster. Additionally, it boosts the liver’s ability to process the toxins. When used in conjunction with the detox diet laid out for you, your urine will be permanently free of detectable levels of drugs (without further drug use).

SynergyDetox Power Flush is a good option for moderate users who need a detox drink for a drug test on short notice. This provides a temporary window during which urine will not test positive for drug metabolites. This is due to the clearing of toxins from the urinary tract, not masking agents that might be detected themselves, making it a safe bet.