Temporary Day Of Test Detox

The Synergy Detox Temporary systems are used only to pass a urine drug test. It's very important that you use these within a few hours of a urine drug test. Temporary systems will clean any drug from your urine from up to 5-6 hours.

The temporary products we offer do not hide or mask toxins. They'll actually flush out your urinary tract of any toxins, but only for a set amount of time.

Our recommendation is that you use a temporary system only when you have little time to get clean before a test.

Common Question

I've seen these types of products in stores and online before, what makes yours so much different than the others?

Most urine tests actually consist of two tests; the adulterant test and the drug test.

It's with the adulterant test that the lab finds out if the urine sample has been either tampered with or diluted by drinking too much water.

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There are 5-6 different adulterant tests performed, and one of them tries to detect the levels of creatinine in the urine sample (a byproduct formed when your body processes muscle creatine).

If you drink too much water before a test or use a poor quality temporary detoxification product, your creatinine levels become very low and you will fail the creatinine adulterant test.

This is known as an inconclusive test result, and you'll be asked to take it again or even disqualified from testing again.

Low-Quality Temporary Detox Products Lead To Inconclusive Results

Many temporary detoxification products you might come across are made with low-quality standards. They’re not capable of restoring the right amounts of creatinine in your urine, leading to inconclusive test results.

What Makes Synergy Detox Better?

We make sure all of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and held to superior manufacturing standards.

Synergy Detox products rarely produce inconclusive results and have a 97% passing rate on a drug test. All products in the Synergy Detox line are completely safe, legal, and get you the results you desire.


For temporary detoxification systems to work effectively, you shouldn’t use any drug you don’t want to be tested positive for at least 48 hours before you take the test.

This requirement shouldn’t be a problem if you know in advance when your test is taking place. If you have more time before your drug screen, please check out our permanent drug test detoxification systems.

The Synergy Detox temporary system you should use is based on your toxin intake level and body weight. Please choose the system below that best fits your situation.