Precision Cleanse Hair Detoxification Shampoo - Twin Pack
Precision Cleanse Hair Detoxification Shampoo - Twin Pack

Precision Cleanse Hair Detoxification Shampoo - Twin Pack

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Precision Cleanse is designed to permanently reduce toxin levels in the hair strand so they fall below detectable levels in a laboratory hair test. It's the strongest and most effective product for toxin reduction in the hair available today.

  • Designed for the frequent THC, Benzo, and Opiate user (3+ times per week) and light to frequent user of Cocaine and Methamphetamine.
  • Double bottle for head & body hair

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Precision Cleanse is a hair strand detoxification treatment designed for the frequent THC, Benzo, and Opiate user (3+ times per week) and light to frequent user of Cocaine and Methamphetamine. It's a topical treatment applied directly to the hair.

After completion of the treatment, toxin levels in the hair strand will be reduced to fall below most lab detection levels. Precision Cleanse is not a masking agent, it's an actual hair detoxification treatment.

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Most toxins in your body are deposited at the base of the hair follicle (the hair follicle is just under the surface of your scalp and generates the actual hair structure) via the blood in your arteries.

Once deposited, these toxins grow into and become part of the newly formed hair strands. As the hair strand forms, the toxin molecules bind to the hair protein structure (keratin).

The end result is a hair strand that contains molecules of metabolites (by-products) of anything you consumed.

Drug toxin metabolites (THC, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, opiates, ecstasy) and poisonous metal metabolites (lead, mercury) if consumed, whether on purpose or accidentally, can be detected in a strand of hair using a hair strand drug test.

The unique formulation of Precision Cleanse first breaks the bond of these toxin metabolites from the hair protein (keratin) matrix so they are no longer physically attached to the hair.

Then specially formulated surfactants wash them out of the hair strand. Precision Cleanse is highly effective in reducing toxin metabolites in the hair below detectable levels.

Precision Cleanse is strong so we recommend doing the treatments on at least two consecutive days if you have sensitive skin. It will not affect color treated hair, however, it will make your hair a bit dry.

Precision Cleanse has a 92% success rate in reducing toxin levels below detectable levels in a hair strand test. The 8% failure rate can be attributed to a number of factors, primarily being the use of expensive and more sophisticated hair testing technology (zero tolerance testing) and very high toxin concentrations. Precision Cleanse comes with a 100% money back guarantee*.

Once your hair is treated with Precision Cleanse, it becomes clean permanently. Newly grown hair, however, may contain the toxins still present in your system. If you know that your body is clean, and therefore future hair growth is clean, then once you complete the treatments, your current and future hair growth will be clean.

Important: Fat soluble toxins like THC can stay in the body 1-3 months after your last use. This means your hair doesn't start growing clean the day you quit using, but the day it left your body.

Make sure you understand this before thinking your hair is permanently clean once you complete the Precision Cleanse treatments. Precision Cleanse treats the existing hair and not future growth. If the drug is still in your body, future growth will not be clean.

If you think that you still have toxins in your body, then we recommend using Precision Cleanse the night or the day before the hair drug test. This way, minimal hair growth occurs between the time you've completed the treatment and submitted the hair sample for testing.

Alternatively, you could use our PDS total detoxification system. The total detoxification system removes any toxin from your entire system including your hair.

You'll first go through a 4, 7 or 11-day body detoxification program (program length will depend on what your toxin intake was).

Once your body is clean, this will mean your current and future hair growth is clean. The last step of the total detoxification is using the Precision Cleanse to detoxify the existing hair. If you want to read more about our Total PDS Systems, please click here.

*To read our 100% Money Back Guarantee, please click here.

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