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Urine Test Products

If you've used a drug in the last month that you don’t want to test positive for, you have only two options to pass a urine drug test. One is to obtain clean, drug-free urine. Using another person’s clean urine is risky, and as mentioned before, considered a criminal act in many states. You should also understand that it can be difficult to get away with the act of providing someone else’s clean urine as a sample.

The other option is body detoxification. Clearly, this method is the best way to pass urine drug tests. There are two methods for urine test body detoxification and the one you choose is based on how much time you have before the test.

Permanent Detoxification -  Before choosing the permanent detoxification method, you should make sure that you have at least a week before the test. The permanent detoxification method will completely cleanse your blood, urine, and saliva. The effects of this method are permanent and you can pass any drug urine, blood or saliva test afterwards as long as you don't use again.

Temporary Detoxification -  Temporary detoxification systems are meant to be used if you have less than a week’s time before the test. They'll keep your urine clean; but they do not clean your saliva, blood, or hair. Using a temporary detoxification system will keep the urine clean only for 5 to 6 hours. After this period of time, the toxins would reappear in the urine. You will, therefore, have to plan the use of the temporary detoxification product accordingly.

The different permanent and temporary systems we have are based on usage level and body weight.

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The most common type of drug test you would be asked to take is the urine drug test (although hair testing is quickly becoming just as popular). The testing costs are low for urine drug tests and the results can be obtained quickly.

The safest way of passing a drug test for urine is DETOXIFICATION.

In the past, methods such as masking, tampering with the urine sample, or providing another person’s clean urine have all been used to try and pass the urine drug test. These methods, however, are risky and have the following disadvantages:

1. Most labs can detect the presence of urine additives

2. Tampering with the urine sample is considered a crime in many states

3. Observed testing situations make it difficult to replace your urine with someone else's.

Use the quick guide below to help you determine which system you need to pass a urine drug test:

If you have a week or more before the test - click here for permanent detoxification systems

If you have less than a week or more before the test - click here for temporary detoxification systems

If you are not sure when you will be tested - click here for temporary detoxification systems