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 What is a hair follicle test?

While referred to by many as a hair follicle test, the hair follicle is not actually tested (the follicle is in your skin). The hair strand is actually the part tested.

In hair strand analysis drug testing, a sample of hair, usually taken from the head and sometimes body, is analyzed to detect the presence of illegal drugs or prescription drugs taken without a prescription.

The preferred site to take the hair sample is from the head. Underarm, chest, and pubic areas are a secondary specimen sites if head hair is too short (less than 1 inch).

Samples are cut about 1/8" off the scalp with a length of about 1" - 1.5". This gives an window of time to look back 2-3 months. Depending on the lab that is doing the test, the amount of hair taken can be anywhere from the diameter of a pencil to the diameter of lead in a pencil.