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There are many situations in which you could be asked to take a drug test with pre-employment drug tests or being tested for taking enhancement drugs for athletes being among the most common reasons for issuing them. When asked to take a drug test, there is usually a job or some other type of esteemed prize on the line – most people can’t afford to fail.

For the vast majority of people, the key to passing a drug test is simple: stay away from drugs for a week leading up to the test. Better still, stay away from drugs altogether. There are numerous ways to test whether anyone has taken drugs. A urine drug test, saliva drug test, hair drug test or swab drug test are popular ways for testing. 

Most drugs stay in your system only for a few days. Cocaine will stay in the system for one day and MDMA will clear in less than two. Marijuana takes the longest to fully clear your system and traces can be detected up to a month and a half later, longer if you are a habitual user.

However, it may happen that you are surprised with a drug test with a short amount of prep time, or even that you have been prescribed a drug to relieve certain conditions, but that the company administering drug test has a no tolerance policy. You may also be nervous about passing a drug test if you have been exposed to drugs, even if you have not used them yourself. You also may worry if you don’t know what type of drug test you will be subjected to.

Workplace drug tests usually cover five different drugs groups. However, they may also occasionally use a breathalyzer for alcohol use during random testing, or test for a variety of other drugs that you may be taking legitimately but still could affect whether or not you get the job. A good example of this is that a drug test can test for methadone, which is used to treat addiction or anti-anxiety medications.  Typically, however, a drug test will test for:

-Amphetamines such a meth or ecstasy

- THC, which is one of the intoxicating, psychoactive compounds in marijuana


-Opiates such as morphine or heroin

- Phencyclidine, which is PCP

Consequences of failing a drug test can be severe. If you are being drug tested as a condition of probation, you could end up in jail. If you are an athlete, you could be stripped of your accomplishments and even expelled from school. If you fail a workplace drug test, the best-case scenario is that you will be suspended with the worst being termination. Drug tests come in a variety of different shapes and forms. Some are more commonly used than others due to the ease of administering or how the presence of drugs manifests itself in a particular bodily function. Different drugs have varying detection times after they are injested into the body, and certain drug tests can not detect use of a drug after a certain period of time.

For example, breath tests are most commonly used to detect alcohol use because a Breathalyzer is portable and provides near-instant results. Although this test is useful in determining an individual’s current blood alcohol content, it has the downside of needing to be administered while the individual is still intoxicated, meaning that it cannot detect previous alcohol use.

Urine tests are a common method of drug testing. Urine drug tests work by detecting metabolites in the body, even after the intoxicating effects of the drugs have worn off. Urine tests can detect previous drug use from within a few days to a couple of weeks.

Blood tests are also sometimes used to detect drugs in the system. They can detect the presence of a variety of substances in the blood, while the subject of the test is still in a state of intoxication. Blood tests are often used to test for alcohol levels in uncooperative subjects being tested for driving under the influence, or to confirm the results of a Breathalyzer. They are also used to detect the level of drugs or alcohol in the system post mortem. Blood tests are reliable but also a fairly invasive method of testing.

Hair tests are also sometimes used to test for the presence of drugs in a person’s system. Hair tests are especially useful to drug test administrators because they can detect drug use dating back up to 3 months before the drug test. Hair testing is also minimally invasive, making it a popular choice. The hair follicle of a sample is tested for trace amounts of drug metabolites.

Saliva testing is another popular for of drug testing. Drug test administrators like this method because an inner-cheek swab is way less likely to be switched or tampered with by the subject of the test. The saliva drug test method is useful in detecting impairment levels or recent use, as the trace amounts of drugs remain in saliva for a shorter period of time than they do in urine.

Sweat tests are not commonly used to test for drugs in the workplace, but this does not mean they can’t be. These non-invasive and easy to administer test consist of applying a test patch to a sample area of skin. The sweat produced will reveal evidence of drug use.

There is a number of ways people may try to get through a drug test if they are nervous about failing it. There are also a variety of ways to get caught trying to cheat your way through a drug test. Here are some things to definitely not try when attempting to pass a drug test.

  • Contaminating a urine sample:  Many people may think that they can “kill” trace amounts of drugs in their urine by slipping an agent into their urine cup before submitting it. Subjects try all sorts of chemicals, from bleach to hydrogen peroxide to vinegar. It is a consistently tried and failed method of cheating a drug-screening program.  First of all, lab technicians know to test for these products and if their presence is detected in a urine sample, you will automatically fail the drug test. Secondly, there is a large amount of ammonia present in urine. Adding any chemical to the urine can drastically change the appearance of the sample, from having the sample foam up to changing its color.

  • Herbal Cleanses: Many people believe that cleanses from natural health product stores can help you pass a drug test. However, just as there is not much evidence that these tests “detoxify” your body at all, there is also simply no proof that these types of cleanses will help you rid your body of evidence of drug use whatsoever. Detox drinks simply do not work.

  • Excuses: Although certain drug tests, such as the saliva and sweat test can frequently produce false positive tests, a drug-testing agency will usually confirm the results with a second test. Excuses, like being exposed to second-hand smoke or taking painkillers, will not excuse you from a failed drug test.

Need help to pass a drug test? If so, Synergy Detox is there for you. By offering a full range of body detoxification programs we have the experience and the products to help not only beat a drug test but also to beat drugs for good. If you are due a drug test for a new job, don’t stress. Our Hair & Body Detox Programs will give you the green light.

You may be tested for drugs in many situations. The most common is to be breathalyzed at a roadside stop. However, you may also be subject to routine drug testing if you are on probation. Professional and college athletes are also subject to routine, random testing for both recreational and performance enhancing drugs.

Most often, however, mandatory drug testing is a job requirement. Consumption of drugs and alcohol cannot only be dangerous at work but can also cost a company money if it results in absences or decreased productivity. Employers may require drug testing in the following scenarios:

-Before Hiring: Pre-employment drug testing is the most common form of employee drug test. In fields such as law enforcement or fire fighting, it is standard for individuals to be subjected to a drug test before they are hired into the company. This helps the company from inadvertently hiring individuals who may consume high-risk drugs on a regular basis and who can be a liability in terms of other people’s safety.

-For Cause Testing: A company can test an individual for drugs if their behavior has been problematic and suggests that they may be a user. This way, the employer is protected in either terminating an employee or requiring mandatory treatment as a condition of continued employment.

-Random Testing: Employers use random testing as a surprise tactic in order to gain accurate drug testing results. During a random drug test, everyone may be tested or subjects may be picked neutrally from the pool. Random testing is designed so that employees have no time to prepare themselves for a test.

- Testing After An Accident: Similar to “for cause” testing, testing after an accident protects the employer from liability after an accident occurs. For instance, a taxi driver who has been involved in a car accident may be breathalyzed. A police officer involved in a fatality may be subject to a full drug screening.

-Return to Work Testing: An employee who has taken a leave of absence from work to address a substance abuse problem may be subject to a full screening before they are allowed to come back to work.

- Scheduled Drug Testing: Once again, scheduled drug tests are common in fields such as law enforcement. Scheduled drug testing is periodic tests to ensure that employees are clean. Scheduled drug testing may happen every six months or once a year. Unlike the random testing, the employee is aware of upcoming tests and these tests are not meant to catch employees off guard. Scheduled, periodic drug testing is considered doing due diligence and usually, all employees will be subject to these tests when they are implemented.

As anyone knows, passing a drug test is the difference between landing that dream job or lifting that coveted trophy. That’s why we have put our heads together to create solutions for virtually all drug testing situations—and ensure that you get the results you need. Created by Herbalized Solutions, LLC over 15 years ago Synergy Detox has gone from strength to strength and now leads the way in body detoxification.

Our Products & Services Include:

Detox Systems — for the hair, body, saliva, blood, & urine; as well as permanent or temporary systems.

This range includes specialty shampoo designed to completely strip the hair follicle, as well as the hair strand of any trace elements of drug metabolites. This shampoo works by eliminating the trace amounts, unlike shampoos that simply mask them.

The permanent urine test detox system works to eliminate trace amounts of metabolites in the urine forever. The permanent detoxification system requires at least one week of advance notice to be effective. It will clean your urine, blood, and saliva.

The temporary urine test detoxification system is a system to be used for an emergency situation. It will clean your urine for a period of up to six hours, but metabolites will be detectable in your system after that time window. It also does not cleanse saliva, blood or sweat.

The complete cleansing kit comes with both the detoxifying shampoo and a permanent detoxification kit to fully rid your body of the toxins that would cause you to test positive. A mandatory diet is included in the program to help stimulate your metabolism and dissolve fat-soluble compounds. Metabolites will be undetectable in hair, urine, saliva, sweat and blood after completion of this test. It also comes with up to 4 home testing kits so you can perform your drug test with 100% confidence of passing.

Home Test Systems — Home Drug Test Kits and Urine Control Kits.

The home testing systems are included with most detoxifying kits so that you can walk into your drug test with no doubt in your mind that you will pass.

Body Detox Experts — On staff so you can learn how to pass a hair drug test or similar drug test effectively.

Customer Support — So you have the answers you need every step of the way.

When You Need Support—Consider Us There For You.

Our team is always there to help. Simply pick up the phone or join us on live chat. Whether you're unsure of which detox option will be best for you or you have questions about the safest way to pass a drug test—we can help.

Whether you need to know how to pass a hair drug test or you’re in search of the right detox product to yield permanent results, we’re here to make it easy.

We understand you may need help passing a drug test. Ironically, we actually believe that drug testing is important. It helps those with substance abuse problems to get help, and it keeps drug addicts from putting others in danger. We believe that a fair drug testing system in the workplace can help encourage a happy and both emotionally and physically positive working environment.

It also ensures that the people who are responsible for the safety of others assigned to make tough decisions in crisis situations are not under the influence of illegal or dangerous narcotics while on the job. The easiest way to pass a drug test is always not to consume drugs. Certain jobs are extremely stressful and high-pressure and having a drug testing policy in place may deter people who may otherwise turn to narcotics to unwind to consider another option.

There is a difference between casual, recreational drug use or drug use for pain management and a problem. We do not recommend our products to be used on a regular basis. If you feel that you may have a substance abuse or drug addiction problem, there are many resources available to you. From rehabilitation programs to therapy and counseling, help is available and we encourage you to address the problem so that you can get back to enjoying a full, healthy and happy life.

Conversely, drug testing can have severe repercussions for the average person. Drug means one thing: all-or-nothing. Put simply, someone either tests positive or they do not. There is no in-between or gray area. The cut-off point for a positive result is incredibly low, so a person who took drugs just once and quite some time ago may be identified as a drug abuser based solely on the results of a single random test. Is this fair?

Obviously, of course, it isn’t. Also, with a prescription or not, some employers may discriminate against medical marijuana users, categorizing users as drug addicts and denying them jobs, while increasing evidence proves that marijuana is one of the most effective medicines for a variety of conditions with some of the least dangerous side effects.

At Synergy Detox, our sole aim is to provide incredibly accurate and extensive information about passing drug tests for those who may find themselves in a situation where they may fail a drug’s test due to their distant past. We offer premium body and hair detoxification products, straightforward advice about how to pass a drug test and outstanding customer service.

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